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Green Walls
Green Walls
Green Roofs
Green Roofs

Our Vision

Our vision is to reclaim the built environment, wrapping facades of buildings with epiphytic and lithophyte plants to add living, breathing architectural function.

We have a range of innovative, lightweight, leading-edge green technology solutions designed to provide both stunning visual aesthetics and environmental benefits.

We are considered leaders of environmental innovation in the field of green technology.

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Green Walls

Our Green Walls are a unique, lightweight and fully automated system. They are a soil-less vertical garden, installed on the surface of a built structure. Green walls are a dynamic way to green a vertical surface.

The greenery is like a living ‘skin’ with unlimited design opportunities. Sometimes called Living Walls, Green Facades, Bio Walls or Vertical vegetation, green walls help reduce temperatures of a building, improve quality of air and reduce noise levels.

Green Roofs

We created New Zealand’s first green roof back in 1995. The stunning design, reflecting the Hauraki Gulf, enabled Mirvac to gain resource consent to add four more floors to the property.

Not only beautiful, a living green roof with its own diversity in form, texture and colour, provides both internal and external benefits:

  • Controlling the inside temperature of a building by moderating the ambient air temperature
  • Providing greater insulation
  • Filtering and controlling the release of rain and stormwater
  • Reducing noise penetration
  • Providing a habitable environment to promote biodiversity.

We've developed a unique green roof innovation which allows us to pre-grow vegetation into modular panels – we call these EcoPillows. EcoPillows are placed together to make up a green roof, they are pre-grown in our off-site nursery, making for a speedy installation and instant high impact.


Our latest innovation, Eco-gabions, are an ultra-lightweight self-supporting planting system.

A creative alternative to tree pits and planter boxes, our Eco-Gabions can be manufactured to almost any shape or size to suit all your planting desires.

Eco-Gabions can be covered with decking veneer to provide seating, or fully planted on each side.

Our simple process makes everything a breeze.


We'll be in touch within 24 hours to organise a time to come and meet with you.


We will design and build a world-class, bespoke green solution which meets your vision and needs.


Our dedicated care team will maintain the beauty of your green technology.

Commitment to the Environment

Being soil-less, our innovations are extremely lightweight. We are proud to manufacture our ‘eco-media’ using 94% recycled materials otherwise destined for landfills.

Our systems have been developed to thrive in the harshest of environments. We have installed green innovations in a range of New Zealand spaces, such as sheltered offices to windy high rises and battered beachfront properties. The technology is simple, effective and durable.

We are proud to make our country greener through ecological, intelligent Green design.

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Our Green Technology Expertise

Natural Habitats has been practising Green Technology for over 20 years. We are confident the ingenuity, flexibility and longevity of our patented system make it the best on the market.

Mark Paul, the creator of our system, is a talented and devoted horticulturist. With his expertise, Natural Habitats installed the country’s first Green Wall in 2009.

We successfully installed NZ's first Green Roof in 1994 and its first Green Wall in 2009.

Since then we've been involved in the design and construction of successful Green Technology projects all throughout New Zealand.