Our Purpose

Environmental solutions for a better world


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Sustainability is fundamental to our business and underpins our purpose: creating environmental solutions for a better world.
Our vision is an environmentally thriving New Zealand with landscapes that positively contribute to climate change and the lives of those that enjoy them.  
We take a holistic approach to sustainability, committing to positive outcomes for the planet, people, partnerships and performance.  


nh people trees

We are today’s custodians of the environment for the benefit of future generations

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We recycle our green waste

nh happy plant

We seek out reuse options for our plant pots

nh eco shield

We use biodegradable plant guards

nh stream between trees

We favor fuel efficient vehicles

nh eco roof

We utilise the sun to charge our tools and rain to water our plants


nh career add

We put the wellbeing of our people first

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Without our people, we have no business

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We support and encourage diversity and inclusiveness

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We develop our people for tomorrow’s world

nh smile

We actively promote a positive culture


nh value trust

We promote a long-term partnership view, that’s mutually beneficial

nh award

We encourage progressive and developmental thinking


nh infrastructure

We have a long-term sustainable outlook for our staff, clients and the environment

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