Christchurch Rooftop Garden

26 February 2021

While typical residential landscaping tends to be paving, planting and decking, this client thought outside the box.

Working alongside Kamo Marsh Landscape Architects, we were appointed to design and build a green roof that would add a stunning point of difference to the home.The primary benefit being the view as you ascend the stairs from the main atrium and from the home office.

Project Details

Location: Christchurch

Project Type: Residential

Green Roof Design: Natural Habitats

Build: Natural Habitats


Small in size and big on innovation, this green roof reveals that they fit in perfectly in the residential environment as well as commercial.

Our team enjoyed bringing this bespoke project to life, growing in the plants off site to ensure perfection at the time of install. The highlight being a fully functional green roof in less than 6 hours.

Plants were carefully selected for the Christchurch climate, being low to no maintenance with a thoughtful irrigation system. Natives and exotics make up a mix of 13 beautifully textured species with 115 specimen.

Although weight is a natural concern of green roofs, our eco pillow system is lightweight requiring no extra structural changes and has the added benefit of an ideal growing media for plants.  

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