We design, build and maintain eco-gabions for:

Business precincts & office parks
Business precincts & office parks
Housing & Apartments
Housing & Apartments

What are eco-gabions?

Eco-gabions are gabion baskets that are filled with our ultra-lightweight growing media

The growing media used is the same as what we use for our green roofs and green walls. 

Eco-gabions are an alternative to planter boxes and can be manufactured to almost any shape and size. 

What are the benefits of eco-gabions?

Carbon sequestering
Recycles waste
Recycles greywater
Increases biodiversity
Reduces noise levels
Increases property value
Improves air quality

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How can I use eco-gabions?

Les Mills Green Technology Natural Habitats 4

Eco-gabions are ideal modular planters for 

  • podium landscapes where weight is limited
  • modular planting features
  • alternatives to potted plants on decks and elevated platforms
  • creating an instant lush look for any space

Extra benefits to using eco-gabions

Create an instant impression
Configurable for any size space
No structural engineering required
Easy maintenance

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Les Mills Green Wall and Eco-gabions


Environmental solutions for a better world

The growing media we use on green roofs, green walls and eco-gabions contains over 90% polystyrene, which we collect from the city's waste stream. 

Adding more planting area to your property means more plants working to sequester carbon and more biodiversity for flora and fauna to thrive.