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Boost and maintain the visual appeal of your property year-round with our professional landscape maintenance team.


Natural Habitats are leading garden maintenance providers, with more than 30 years of experience servicing commercial and residential gardens throughout New Zealand.

Our Maintenance team thrives on a passion for plants, trees and all things green.


Our landscape maintenance can be as basic or advanced as required to include lawn mowing, tree pruning, hedge trimming, pest/weed control, plant replacement, irrigation, tree removal and mulch.

We make recommendations and provide advice on your care and maintenance.


Landscapes are living things which evolve and develop, making the first few years following any landscape design and build, a particularly important time of care.

We're equipped to handle every aspect of landscape care for large or small projects.

Add Value To Your Property

We understand how a well-maintained landscape attracts people and adds value to your property.

Our workforce is known for deep horticultural knowledge, innovative problem solving, outstanding safety standards and a 40-year track record for exceptional work.

As gardeners, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to act as ‘guardians’ and practice kaitiakitanga of our landscapes and whenua.

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Enhancements retain and improve your property’s striking appearance and maximise your landscape investment.
We can provide short and long term landscape enhancement plans to improve the quality and value of your property. These plans are reviewed during your property care schedule and via ‘walk-throughs’ alongside you.

Our enhancements can include seasonal flower design, landscape demolition, turf renovation, green technology, hardscapes, outdoor lighting, mulching, erosion control, plant health plans, special effects, irrigation system installations and maintenance and basic upgrades, with the latest technology.

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