Broadway Park Apartments

02 May 2022

Natural Habitats was engaged over 6 years ago to maintain public areas and gardens within the Broadway Park development. 

The client requires maintenance of the highest standard to uphold the integrity of the iconic development. The design intent is to reflect the old-world charm of nearby Epsom, Parnell and Remuera.

Project Details

Location: Auckland

Project Type: Commercial Maintenance

Client: Broadway Park Apartments Body Corporate

Our Maintenance team proudly cares for this landscape. Click here to find out more about our maintenance services.


Conceptulaised in the late 80s, and brought to life in the 90’s, Broadway Park set a new president for urban living in New Zealand at the time. The development comprises multiple high-rise apartments, attached medium density and standalone houses in the heart of Newmarket.  

In keeping with the wider region, Broadway Park captures the old-world charm of neighbouring Remuera, Parnell and Epsom. The impact of the gardens is immediate. Upon entry to the development, residents and visitors are greeted with deep green manicured hedging and shrubs that contrast built light greys, beiges and browns. Street trees and manicured lawns add to the prestige of the neighbourhood and create a sense of park-like space amongst the density of the development.  

Maintaining gardens of this scope is ironically, no walk in the park, so the client appointed Natural Habitats as the maintenance gardener over 6 years ago.

To care for the landscape which covers 20 hectares, Natural Habitats completes both garden and lawn care to the highest detail. As a result of this regular attention and care the gardens continue to thrive almost 20 years on from their installation.  

How we care for this landscape

Maintenance services include:

  • Weeding
  • Detailing
  • Pruning 
  • Fertilsing
  • Fortnightly mowing
  • Monthly berm mowing
  • Organic weed spray as required
  • Irrigation and lighting checks as required

Let our experts care for your garden. 

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