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Zero Lost Time Incidents achieved

Zero Lost Time Incidents achieved


When the McKay to Pekapeka stretch of motorway north of Wellington was formally opened in mid-February, Natural Habitats was the one of only two contractors on the project to have achieved zero Lost Time Incidents.


Called M2PP, during the three-year project to build an 18-kilometre four-lane expressway along with Kapiti Coast, Natural Habitats had 17 permanent staff on site building up to 35 at the height of the winter planting season.

The staff worked more than 6250 hours planting more than 1.4 million plants, and spread over 75,000m3 of mulch.

Often working around heavy machinery, Natural Habitats Wellington Regional Manager, Tim Broadbent attributes the safety milestone to strict processes and continually talking about team’s health and safety issues.

“We were very pro-active in getting our team to complete JSEA forms and discuss a safe workflow for the job in hand through team talks,” says Tim.

“As a team we always attended M2PP project briefings to reinforce actions of others working around us.  All staff had a good Health and Safety ethos and wore the correct PPE in order to carry out their work in a safe manner.”

In recognition of achieving Zero LTIs during the project, the M2PP Alliance Health and Safety Manager for the Alliance, Sarah McDonald, presented us with the certificate.