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Working with the Local

Working with the Local


Be they frog, bird, tree, human or built in form, our landscape architects work with the palette of contextual materials in developing our designs. We consider context to be extremely important in our designs and addressing physical, cultural and spiritual elements. This means we design bearing in mind ecology, sustainability and usability all with creative design flair.

At Natural Habitats we are constantly striving to create memorable landscapes for our clients. Be they the smallest garden to the largest urban development we believe it is vitally important to ensure our designs fit within a sites’ context.

The basic fundamentals of our design are based on Context, Content and Concept.

Context includes:

Physical attributes – vegetation, structures, aspects, climate
Cultural attributes – demographics, diversity
Statutory attributes – national, regional and local planning documentation

We look to make our projects fit seamlessly within their environment, which is increasingly important from an ecological perspective. We strive to make connections with the wider environment to promote habitat and broad linkages.

Content includes:

Site features – contour, aspect, soil


How do we deal with the context and content to deliver a successful landscape? We consider style, materials and plants.

All our designs are arrived at after careful consultation with our clients and account given to their desires for the landscape. We work collaboratively with a wide range of professions to produce the best outcome.

Well considered and delivered landscapes contribute positively to the fabric of the environment. Natural Habitats deliver considered designs and outcomes.