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Which Came First?

Which Came First?


The Landscape or the Home?

Have you ever-noticed in advertisements for watches that the time is almost always set at 10:10? Assuming this wasn’t a coincidence I did some digging and found that 10:10 is used because it’s the optimal configuration to frame the watch and show off the maker’s name. It’s the same in architecture, spend some time browsing award winning projects and you’ll notice the majority are set in simply stunning natural landscapes which frame the house and show off its design.

In the same way that the combination of belt and belt loops make it hard to attribute responsibility for holding your jeans at a socially responsible height, award winning projects combine architecture and landscape design with such synergy that it becomes difficult to distinguish between the natural and the constructed environment. The result is a sense of inevitability; as if both the building and the landscape have always been there.

Unfortunately we cannot all live in the shadows of grand mountain ranges, or within earshot of crashing waves as with many award winning projects, but that should not deter us from utilizing the natural landscape within our own property. Good landscape design improves the form, the function, and the value of any property, regardless of size or location.

At Natural Habitats we see landscape design as an investment. When done correctly it’s guaranteed to pay dividends of pride and enjoyment every day while adding financial value to your property. What’s more, the only risk is the occasional aphid or mealy bug, an enemy far easier to conquer than the directors of a finance company.