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What We’re Great At

We design with nature and culture in mind to create and implement designs that are responsive to economic, environmental, and cultural conditions in terms of local, regional, and global perspectives.

Landscape Design Services:
  • Residential havens
  • Commercial landscapes
  • Swimming pools
  • Water features
Landscape Architecture Services:
  • Infrastructure
  • Civic / council projects
  • Commercial landscapes
  • Resorts
  • Educational landscapes
  • Public open space/ parks
  • Environmental rehabilitation
  • Visual & Landscape assessment
  • Master planned communities
  • Concept consulting

We specialise in the delivery of a high quality landscapes that stand the test of time and give the lowest lifetime cost.

Landscape Construction Services:
  • Hard Landscape Construction
  • Exterior structures
  • Features & detailing
  • Soft landscape installation (planting)
  • Project Management
  • Services Design
  • Swimming Pool Construction
  • Revegetation and wetland planting
  • Living walls – internal and external
  • Bee Hive Set Up

Our care service thrives on a passion for plants, trees and all things green.

Gardening Services:
  • Garden Care
  • Specialist Lawn Care Maintenance
  • Tree Care & Arboriculture
  • Lighting /Irrigation
  • Water features
  • Pool Care
  • Hive Care

Sure, we trim, cut, mow, prune and remove, but it is always in an effort to enhance the environment.  As gardeners we feel a strong sense of responsibility to act as guardians of the landscape. We specialise in the delivering high quality landscapes that stand the test of time and give the lowest lifetime cost.


We understand the attachment New Zealanders have to their personal slice of heaven. Regardless of constraints, such as property challenges, we can still create a private paradise for you. Our residential garden design, build and care teams respond sensitively to how you want to live.


Natural Habitats collaborates with New Zealand’s leading architects, engineers, landscape architects and urban planners for grand results. We know how to unearth the potential of any landscape so it attracts people and adds value to your development. We revel in being a part of an efficient team, adding creativity to concepts or solutions to problems.

Green Technology

Ever since we started Natural Habitats, our dream has been to create beautiful, natural habitats in our urban world. We have a range of green technology solutions that allow us to do this such as Rain Gardens to help with the natural filtration of storm water; Root Biocells to enable trees to flourish under hard surfaces; and green walls and green roofs to transform concrete spaces into lush vegetation.


We have been involved in some of New Zealand’s largest infrastructure and civic works. We are dedicated to the transformation of the landscape around our country’s new and existing infrastructure. A Natural Habitats approach ensures natural and built systems work together to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.