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The Kiwi Dream, Final Episode this Friday 7.30pm on Prime

The Kiwi Dream, Final Episode this Friday 7.30pm on Prime


The final episode and much of the renovation is complete.

However, there’s still the downstairs bathroom and laundry to tackle. It’s a major plastering and tiling job and there is a dispute when Evie is not happy with the placement of the shower drain.

Outside, the Golden Boys from Natural Habitats are getting stuck in to complete everything. The turf is laid, the final garden beds are in and the finishing touches are being added.  Pascal gets involved with designing a fantastic garden lighting plan to take advantage of the new landscaping. He also surprises Evie with his amazing and unique outdoor additional feature.

We recap each of the renovations and talk to the main players about how they think it all went from their perspective.

And then Mike Pero gives his opinion on what the house is now worth.

It is a surprising answer!


Find out more by tuning into The Kiwi Dream, Friday 20 December, 7.30pm on PRIME.

You can also visit www.primetv.co.nz/kiwidream and enter to win a grand prize to the value of $10,000 including – landscape concept design drawings by Pascal Tibbits from Natural Habitats and architectural plans from Refresh Renovations.