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The Kiwi Dream, Episode 5 this Friday 7.30pm on Prime

The Kiwi Dream, Episode 5 this Friday 7.30pm on Prime


After a 6 week break re planning and re budgeting – the project recommences with a back in control budget – and the team is making up for lost time.

The internal stair area is given a complete over hall including completely removing the old stairs and inserting a new set but in a different position.

The front entrance is completely revamped with cobblestones, a remote control pergola and a new front door with high tech lock system that is operated by smart phone.

Placement of a shed on the property turns into a major dispute with the architect who takes exception to it spoiling the view. Evie and Pascal are given the task of trying to make the shed ‘disappear’ with clever planting and paint.
The Mal Corboy designed kitchen arrives and is installed with spectacular results.

The house is given an unusual new aluminum roof, an external paint job and in the garden the Natural Habitats guys discover secret lost pathways that lead all the way to the beach.

Find out more by tuning into The Kiwi Dream, Friday 13 December, 7.30pm on PRIME.

You can also visit www.primetv.co.nz/kiwidream and enter to win a grand prize to the value of $10,000 including – landscape concept design drawings by Pascal Tibbits from Natural Habitats and architectural plans from Refresh Renovations.