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The Kiwi Dream, Episode 3 this Friday 7.30pm on Prime

The Kiwi Dream, Episode 3 this Friday 7.30pm on Prime


The Kiwi Dream is a six part, one hour TV series that follows the ups and downs of a major private renovation project

Week 3 of the Kiwi Dream the main living room is tackled.

The boys soon uncover water damage resulting in a trench having to be dug around the outside of the house to treat the problem.

The main living room under floor needs special attention and Evie engages a cheap guy to do the work – only to find later it is faulty and may need ripping up and starting again at great expense.

However, outside Pascal does a fabulous job with revitalizing the BBQ area and the main deck is completed, to maximise the magnificent view.

More problems – the wiring is not up to spec. Initially it looked like they may need to dig up the whole driveway to put more wiring in from the road but eventually they chose to ‘thrust’ the cables under the driveway.

The living room under floor remains incomplete and an unsolved problem.

Find out more by tuning into The Kiwi Dream, Friday 22 November, 7.30pm on PRIME.

You can also visit www.primetv.co.nz/kiwidream and enter to win a grand prize to the value of $10,000 including – landscape concept design drawings by Pascal Tibbits from Natural Habitats and architectural plans from Refresh Renovations.