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The Good Life

The Good Life


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The Quarter Acre Dream:

Characteristics and Challenges:

  • The average residential garden usually has between 100-600m2 of arable ground suitable for growing crops.Your typical quarter acre section
  • provides you with enough room for fruiting tree crops, composting and vegetable crop rotation as well as amentiy areas.

Features and Solutions:

  • Having some lawn areas provides recreational space. Try using a hand powered grass-cutter instead of a fueled mower
  • Maintenance is the key to your veggie garden. It requires approximately 1-2 hours of TLC per week
  • Install a natural pool. Unlike traditional swimming pools,the water in natural pools is treated on a purely biological and physical basis.
  • Collect rainwater and use it to irrigate your vegetables
  • Veggie gardens can be decorative and eye catching and seamlessly integrate with the rest of your garden