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Support for Trees that Count

Support for Trees that Count

Natural Habitats is now signed up to – http://www.treesthatcount.co.nz/

 Launched in November, 2016, Trees That Count was born out of a simple question, “How many native trees are planted in New Zealand each year and could we plant more to help mitigate climate change?”

 It’s a programme that’s part of the Project Crimson Trust which has been championing native tree planting for more than 25 years through large-scale restoration and environmental education projects.

 And the main reason NH is getting behind it is that it’s a Community Good aligned to “creating a great place to live” which we have a personal interest in.  We can participate either as individuals or as a NH team. This is a meaningful initiative.

 It’s also a Business Good as with NH being involved there will be indirect benefits by being connected to the programme (e.g. brand association).  There could also be direct benefits where for example this will lead to additional deal flow?  And the probability of developing relationships with the other participants.

 During the life of our motorway projects, we can plant millions of native trees so we will be a significant contributor to this programme.