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Summerset Retirement Village


Summerset Retirement Village


  • Our ability to create spaces that are easily accessible, facilitate social interaction and bring the vibrancy of life to residents every day.
  • A new direction and approach in the landscaping of retirement villages.
  • The success of our integrated landscape management (ILM) model to design and construct this four stage multi-story retirement village.

Summerset Manukau is one of the largest villages in NZ Summerset Retirement portfolio. Situated adjacent to Barry Curtis Park, the Village shares certain park-like qualities in its landscape.

The European flavour of the buildings is transferred to the landscape, where the design encourages residents to use and enjoy the outdoor spaces and recreational opportunities to keep them feeling young and healthy.



“You have added ‘true value’ to this project delivering an enduring and mature solution, within budget that can be enjoyed by the residents from day one! A great achievement.”
Director, RJHA Ltd