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St Marks green walls reach for the sky!

St Marks green walls reach for the sky!

Soaring five stories high, we have completed New Zealand’s tallest exterior green walls for St Mark’s luxury apartments and earned New Zealand’s first Homestar Innovation Point from the New Zealand Green Building Council.

 The series of three green walls are also one of the largest green walls in the country at more than 112 square metres. With more than 5000 predominately native plants, the walls’ design features organic swathes of plants selected for textural contrast and explosions of seasonal colour change, says Natural Habitats Senior Landscape Architect, Mel Robinson.

 “Apart from visual benefits for the development’s residents, visitors and neighbours, the green walls also will have ecological benefits,” says Ms Robinson.

 “The increased biodiversity provides additional bee and bird food, absorption of contaminants from the atmosphere and the production of oxygen. The walls will also contribute to reducing the ‘heat island effect’ and can help protect the building from temperature fluctuations and UV radiation.”

 Located on the corner of St Marks and MacMurray Roads in Remuera, the St Marks development is comprised of three separate six storey buildings. The vision of property developer John Harman was to develop a community where liveability and ease of living were paramount. 

 “In order to create a truly enjoyable internal piazza I insisted on the three full height green walls,” explain John.  “These walls created an ever-changing landscape for the Grove apartments.  They also created an inner sanctum from the noise of the city and a truly enjoyable space that would bring the residents together into a communal space thus creating activation.”