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Selling Sub-divisions with quality landscaping

Selling Sub-divisions with quality landscaping

Since Natural Habitats landscape designed its first significant subdivision nearly 30 years ago for Gulf Harbour, developers have gradually caught on that quality landscaping is key to helping sell sections as well as gain resource consents, says the company’s design team lead, Mark Read.

“Following our landscape design and build, Gulf Harbour looked great then, still looks great today, and it sold really well,” says Mark.

With five significant sub-division projects in the Greater Auckland area on the design team’s boards at the moment, the benefits of quality landscaping are clear and simple.

“For section buyers, some new subdivisions can feel like a barren wasteland which is not attractive,” explains Mark. “The landscape needs to feel established, integrated with the natural environment, and cater for the needs of a community with play areas for children, dogs and adults.”

Providing destinations and different character zones within the sub-division create a real appeal that keep improving as plants reach their maturity.

“Investing in mature specimens establishes a more welcoming, natural feeling environment as well as privacy by screening out other dwellings,” says Mark.

With most sub-divisions Natural Habitats is working on ranging from 300 to 400 sections, the earlier Natural Habitats is involved in the design process the better to maximise every square metre for developers.

“With the parks and reserves that developers are often required to create, our skills in biological analysis and ecological restoration are often called upon,” says Mark. “Re-establishing wetlands or rejuvenating streams can be effectively achieved while still maximising the return on the land value.”