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Suburban Tranquility


Remuera, Auckland
A tricky site with huge potential has been transformed into a magical space for the Clyma family of Remuera that has the neighbour’s children asking their mum “can’t we go to the Clyma’s, their garden is like a resort”!

The Clyma’s brief to lead designer Mark Read and landscape architect Richard Neville was simply to increase the usability of their outdoor living space and maximise use of their land.

“We responded with embracing the natural stream which runs through the site, maximising vistas and creating an opportunity to go beyond the outdoor living space,” says Richard. “The planting maximises use of New Zealand natives and some exotic species to create a lush, relaxing environment.”

A rebuilt deck created a more usable outdoor living space and a feature bridge forms an invitation to explore by extending over the stream and into the ‘tropical jungle.’

The mature Kentia palms and Nikau palm at the entrance create instant drama and maturity to the garden.  A personal standout aspect of the project for the designers was the entrance courtyard to the client house.

“This was originally outside the scope of the brief, however the end result adds a huge amount of value to the property and forms a real focal point and statement at the entrance to their house,” says Richard.

Once completed, the client’s reaction couldn’t have been more positive saying “they sometimes sit in their new outdoor living space from when they come home, until late at night when the garden’s feature lighting brings it all to life. They feel like they are on holiday, even though they haven’t left their home.”