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Green Walls, Roofs and Screens

Natural Habitats has been a pioneer in the design and installation of green walls and roofs.

We created one of New Zealand’s first green roof back in 1995 for Quay West – an Auckland inner-city property development by Mirvac. The stunning design, reflecting the Hauraki Gulf, enabled Mirvac to gain resource consent to add four more floors to the property.

We have now installed green roofs and walls in hotels, commercial offices, universities, public spaces and even in hair salons and veterinarian clinics!

All around the world, urban planners, architects, and property developers are waking up to enabling urban developments to be healthy and visually appealing by using green walls and roofs. Singapore alone has installed 100,000 square metres of green walls and roofs in the last 12 months!

In exterior cases our green walls and screens have been successfully used to turn bare concrete into vibrant, colourful and lush spaces. Similarly, in interior environments, our clients often ask for a clean and simple design that is reliable, easy to maintain and – most importantly – will improve the indoor air quality naturally.

Using Natural Habitats’ proven installation techniques, green walls and roofs are surprising quick, easy and affordable to install. And the result is stunning!

Download 2018 Green Walls EOI