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‘Pop Up’ Landscape Architecture

‘Pop Up’ Landscape Architecture

popupThe Landscape Architecture team at Natural Habitats, in collaboration with Lead Designer Tash Geelen, have created an edible ‘pop up’ landscape at their Ellerslie office, a response to urban food productivity, consumption and the topical question of land responsibility in light of Auckland Council’s tentative decision on roadside maintenance.

The concept for the landscape started life as a temporary marketing idea from Director Graham Cleary, but has quickly gained notoriety as it questions traditional concepts of urban land use and the ever present interface between public and private ownership.

Constructed almost entirely from recycled materials, the space is designed with inclusiveness in mind, enveloping the public path and roadside berm, as a mechanism for creating what is essentially a community garden, inviting workers, residents and passers-by to touch, smell and taste all the space has to offer.

Planted entirely in edible trees and plants, complete with its own bee hive, the success of this ‘pop up’ landscape provides insights into the ease and inclusiveness of urban agriculture, particularly as our population continues its shift toward urbanisation and its associated issues of energy, food and product consumption.