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Playtime at the Seaside

Playtime at the Seaside

16.LBT-PlaygroundSUBBED“Often, the easiest way to make new friends is through your children – and where better to do this than sitting at the playground, watching them race around and enjoy themselves.

A unique location was selected by Todd Property and the Auckland Council to become a children’s playground within the Long Bay development.

Landscape architect for the project Debbie Tikao of Natural Habitats says the site chosen gave the design team good opportunities for creating a park with exciting spaces and structures to play games and have adventures in.

“We wanted the new playground to reflect the simple seaside space we all grew up with, but it also had to suit the needs of this new community,” she says.

The playground includes two play towers in the form of mini Kiwi baches complete with a dinghy, plus nature trails, a crow’s nest-style rope climbing structure and embankment slides.

Sweeping steps make the changes between levels fun and inviting, and native plants and trees add colour and shade to the park.

A small amphitheatre offers a great place for outdoor performances, and picnic spaces and paved seating areas were included to encourage community get-togethers and other events.