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People Love A Good Lawn

People Love A Good Lawn

grassblog_monalisaWe tell you how to get a good lawn (you know you want one)… plus we give you the chance to win a free lawn renovation this summer!

The value of that patch of green connected to our home;

Since landscaping began as a conscious and planned activity areas of short grass sward have been important. In both a visual and practical sense lawns add to the quality and comfort provided by our living space.

The satisfaction gained by the act of mowing a lawn or by seeing or walking over a nice piece of turf runs far deeper than might first be suspected. Conversely the unsettling discomfort we feel when the lawn gets a little shaggy can be disproportionate to its actual importance.

To test this theory try leaving your lawn to grow – hey why not who said we must trim the areas around our homes at 50mm constantly? Think of the time and money saved and the habitat for animals and insects you will create. I wager that within a matter of weeks discomfort will build. Your neighbours will begin to comment and your property will stand out in the street.

Our personal savannah;

The source of this deep and primal response to our environment is simple. If the grass is short sabre toothed tigers can’t hide in it and eat you!!! Since pre-historic times humans have preferred to live where the grass is short and preferable directly in front of our homes.

So go with your primal flow;

Once we acknowledge the primal satisfaction that we can gain by having a well tended lawn we can start to think of the best way to create said lawn. Auckland with its sub-tropical climate and predominantly clay soils is a difficult place to grow a great lawn.

The detail of good lawn care;

One of the most powerful influences on a lawn’s overall look is the infestation of weeds. Due to the variability of early summer weather conditions in and around Auckland predicting problem weeds is an art.

At Natural Habitats we employ a specialist Lawncare team whose sole job it is to interpret and care for lawns to ensure weeds are controlled and grass is always looking great. Soil management is also essential to good lawns.

The correct balance of fertility, drainage and soil conditioning will create the necessary environment for your chosen grass variety to flourish. Any lawn will need renovation over time. To keep it lawn looking its best it is important to give it a make-over every so often (We recommend every 1-2 years) with a combination of soil treatments and fresh seed.

Irrigation is important if you are after a consistent lawn over summer. In ground automated systems are by far the most efficient and cost effective solution to watering. Finally the selection of grass species is important.

There are a range of different turf varieties from tropical to temperate. The grass you need will be dependent on the nature of your garden and how you want to use the lawn.

How to have a good lawn (you know you want one);

The management of lawns is a science and an art. At Natural Habitats we can simplify this task by looking at your property, your family and your budget to come up with a lawn care plan to suit you. The satisfaction gained will run deep when you know that smooth cool looking patch of green does not hide a single tiger…

By Stephen Blomfield
Care Manager
Natural Habitats

Lawncare Competition

Natural Habitats is running a competition for a free lawn start up renovation with our qualified Agronomist. Renovation includes lawn de-thatch, oversow and topdress.

To enter email your name and address to info@naturalhabitats.co.nz, with subject line “Online Lawncare Competition”

Prize drawn 30th January, to be redeemed from February 2012 to March 2012

Please Note: Competition only open to Auckland residents. By submitting your details you are indicating that you would like to be informed of future lawn care specials and tips. Should you not wish to be contacted please add “no contact” below your name.