The Village Goldsmith Green Wall

01 July 2021

Design and install a green wall with 12 months post-completion maintenance to create a point of difference for the retail store.

Use lush species that will thrive in an indoor environment with no direct sunlight and add colour to the space.

Project Details

Location: Wellington

Project Type: Commercial Indoor Green Wall

Client: The Village Goldsmith

Our Wellington Maintenance team proudly maintains this landscape. Click here to find out more about our maintenance services.

Ever since Village Goldsmith founder Ian Douglas saw his first green wall in Hong Kong, he knew he wanted to incorporate one in the refit of his business premises. After seeing our Green Wall in Civic Square Wellington he got in touch, convinced that Natural Habitats had the experience to achieve what he wanted.

Natural Habitats’ green wall experts took colour cues from the shop fittings, using plants to accentuate the store’s gold and copper elements. Adjacent is an oversized mirror in a copper frame which doubles the impact of the green wall. The effect is simply breathtaking.

What our client had to say

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