Taking the Scenic Route

02 March 2021

The Western Belfast Bypass is a new four-lane 5km stretch of highway, connecting Belfast and Hornby outside of Christchurch. As part of the Western Corridor, it will reduce congestion, improve travel times, provide better walking and cycling connections and boost safety.

It is one of the Government’s “roads of National Significance,” an essential section of State Highway 1.

Location: Christchurch

Project Type: Civil Landscaping Project

Client: Fulton Hogan on behalf of Wakakotahi NZ Transport Agency

For this project, Natural Habitats was proud to receive the following 2021 Landscapes of Distinction Awards:

SILVER, Commercial Horticulture (Open project value and property size)
SILVER - Commercial Maintenance 5000m2 and over

Taking the scenic route doesn’t mean taking the long way round with Christchurch’s Western Belfast Bypass. In fact, in just 5kms you’ll pass by 6 different environments spanning across 10.7 hectares.

From typical motorway planting to wetlands, overbridge embankments and more, planting is essential for improving ecological outcomes for any motorway development. These environments are now home to more than 110,000 eco-sourced native species and 417 specimen trees, all of which have the added benefit of improving views for neighbouring residents.

For the last three years, Natural Habitats has had the pleasure of maintaining this landscape, taking care of planting, managing weeds and 12.7 hectares of grass area care.

"The Natural Habitats team were very good to work with throughout the construction of the CSM2 project.
Of particular note were George Daly, Adam Stastny and Ashley Shadbolt, who proactively and constantly sought helpful and realistic solutions to various scenarios that emerged as we worked together to implement the 12km long landscape and planting of this RONS (Roads of National Significance) corridor project for Canterbury"

- Kim Goodfellow, CSM2 Landscape Design Leader.

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