Taiaotea Stream Regeneration

28 April 2023

The Taiaotea Environmental Enhancement Project was constructed to naturalise existing stormwater infrastructure in Sherwood Reserve, Browns Bay. This project required planting to assist in stabilising the ground and reducing the risk of erosion as well as enhancing the amenities and biodiversity value of the area.

 Approximately 25,000 plants were planted including a five-year plant establishment period.

Project Details

Location: Auckland

Project Type: Revegetation

Planting: Natural Habitats

Post-completion Maintenance: Natural Habitats


Taiaotea stream is a beautiful celebration of Auckland’s native ecology, rich in biodiversity and natural experiences.

The stream was initially an afterthought of development, a simple concrete-lined channel running through Brown’s Bay with narrow walkways and a pond filled with sediment and silt from stormwater. This was no place for biodiversity to thrive.

However, a proposed development for the community fast-tracked an essential transformation that would restore the native ecology, boost biodiversity and continue the progression of Healthy Water’s Daylighting of Streams Project.

Revived from the outside in, Taiaotea stream is now a thriving example of an environmental asset. It features an array of riparian and wetland planting that slows water flow, creating spaces for runoff to be naturally treated and for fauna to call home.

A wide, shared pathway has plenty of room for foot traffic and bikes, taking people on a meandering journey through the landscape. Wetlands create sparkling bodies of water on sunny days, while careful planting adds an array of verdant texture throughout the journey.

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