Sky Terrace, Commercial Bay

30 November 2021

Partnering with local Landscape Architects LandLab, Natural Habitats was appointed to bring to life a coastal oasis, perched several stories high in the heart of Auckland city.

The design features a geological terrace that sits across the roof of Commercial Bay’s retail precinct. LandLab centred the design on the interaction between coastal edge ecologies and the reclaimed city, commissioning Natural Habitats to build bespoke seating and complete hard and softscaping.

Project Details

Location: Auckland

Project Type:  Commercial Public Space

Client: LandLab on behalf of Precinct Properties and Fletcher Construction.

2021 Supreme Winner, Property Council Awards
2021 Silver - Public and Institutional Spaces, Best Design Awards

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Towering above Auckland city’s streets is a ruggedly beautiful coastal garden that pays homage to it’s Waitemata environment. This rooftop garden is a hybrid space, combining a main plaza, garden, and social space flanking the main tower.

Upon arrival guests step through grand glass doors out onto an open paved courtyard surrounded by picturesque city and harbour views.

Verdant coastal gardens anchor these views and are home to rare and endangered native vegetation. Many of these species would have called this harbour fringe home before the waterfront was reclaimed.

Despite the extremes of the long harsh summer sun and relentless coastal winds, these native species thrive in their natural habitat adding a visual anchor to the grey and blue vistas.

The terrace is designed to accommodate various social gatherings from lunch breaks to large scale events. Therefore, the design utilises various hard surfaces from architectural frames, moveable furniture, lighting and technology.

Six bespoke seats are situated around the terrace, referencing the crafted timber forms of both indigenous and post-settlement boat building technologies. Natural Habitats worked intimately with LandLab, spending 6 months per seat to perfect the design for the client.

Due to the elevated location, installation proved challenging with limited elevator access. A tower crane and mobile crane were essential in transporting materials from the ground, up to the site. During installation it was imperative Natural Habitats integrate with Fletcher Construction for a seamless, on time project delivery.

The rooftop landscape among other green technologies utilised on this project enable and contribute to rainwater harvesting and re-use, supporting the wider Commercial Bay project receiving both design and as-built 5 star Green Star ratings. Read more.

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