Remuera Rooftop Garden

07 June 2022

The clients engaged Natural Habitats to design and build a green roof and green wall that would add value to their home, improve the view from the master bedroom and create more garden space at the entrance to their property. 

The design intent was to create a green roof that replicated a cottage garden with bursts of colour, texture and height. As the green wall receives minimal to no direct sunlight, it needed to create a lush year-round view for the master bedroom

Location: Auckland

Project Type: Residential Green Technology

Design: Natural Habitats

Construction: Natural Habitats

Tucked into the undulating topography of central suburban Auckland, sits a rooftop garden budding with a wildly natural appearance. In fact, it's so natural that it is easy to miss the significance of the garden when walking downhill past the property.  

The garden was conceived by the clients, who desired something to soften the concrete and Corten exterior of their home, improving vistas to and from the property. The clients immediately knew a green roof and green wall were the solution to their requirements for the, however wanted something that would stray away from a typical native planting palette.  

The result is simply breathtaking. Upon entry, or by simply walking past the property an English cottage style garden crowns the garage, sitting 1.5 meters high from the footpath. The garden features perennial plants that blossom soft pinks, blues, purples and whites that flourish throughout the warmer seasons.  

However, the most unexpected feature of the property is the lush, bright green wall garden hidden between the garage and the house. Prior to the green wall, the master bedroom had a cold hard concrete view which created a closed-in feeling to the room. Now with a lush green blanket covering the wall, the green wall has entirely transformed the master bedroom, creating an ambience that can only be achieved by a flourishing garden.  

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