Remuera Rooftop Garden & Green Wall

07 June 2022

In the heart of Remuera, Auckland, a family poured their love and sweat into a 20-year renovation project for their cherished home. As they reached the final stages, a new challenge arose: they wanted a garage, but had to provide more garden space to gain council approval.

The brief was to amplify the natural materials and textural elements of the home and create a green roof and a green wall on the garage. 

Project Details

Location: Auckland

Project Type: Residential green roof and green wall

Design: Natural Habitats

Construction: Natural Habitats


The obvious solution according to the architect, BVA Studio, was to create a green roof on top of the garage to meet the requirements. However, the placement of the garage now meant that the master bedroom had a view of the garage’s cold, concrete wall. In-keeping with the biophilic approach to the structure, BVA Studio recommended the addition of a vibrant green wall to bring life and warmth to the bedroom.  

Tasked with the responsibility to design and build these two unique pieces of green technology, Natural Habitats took a collaborative approach, ensuring the architect’s overall vision was achieved and the clients received the gardens they had in mind.

The green roof is a cottage style garden, adorned with Geraniums, Agapanthus, Libertia, and Fuchsias, all of which with proven abilities to thrive in an exposed environment while adding textural and colour interest to the garden.

Meanwhile, the green wall is a living work of art, set in the prime position of the master bedroom’s floor to ceiling windows. Plants in this palette feature verdant greens from a mostly native mix that can thrive in shady conditions, ultimately creating a sanctuary of natural beauty.

Beyond the visual appeal, this project has practical benefits too. No additional strengthening work was needed, keeping the costs in check. It also demonstrates how green roofs and walls can seamlessly blend into residential spaces, while also benefiting the environment by reducing stormwater runoff and providing a haven for bees and birds.

As a testament to this one-of-a-kind project, the home claimed the prestigious 2023 Alt & Reno Home of the Year Awards.

Green roofs and green walls have many benefits for buildings, businesses and the environment.

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