Novotel Auckland Airport Green Wall

01 January 2020

The new Hotel Novotel at Auckland Airport was designed to combine New Zealand’s distinctive cultural heritage with modern architecture.

The green wall, designed built and installed by Natural Habitats, was intended to complement the hotel’s distinctive New Zealand theme  and act as a focus for the bar area.

Location: Auckland

Project Type: Internal Green Wall

Design: Natural Habitats

Build: Natural Habitats

Maintenance: Our Maintenance team proudly cares for this green wall. 

The swathe of green that envelops the bar from floor to ceiling will improve the bar’s indoor air quality by removing air pollutants and raising humidity levels. 

The 60m2 of vertical vegetation provides both visual interest and environmental benefits, creating a more comfortable environment to work and relax in.

In keeping with the hotel’s New Zealand theme our green wall features an array of native New Zealand flora. The wall also has special significance to Tainui, who were a partner in the hotel’s development, nestled within the wall is Winika cunninghamii - an epiphytic orchid.

This orchid grew on a totara which was used to make the hull of a sacred waka belonging to Tainui people, and they named the canoe te winika after the orchid.

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