Muriwai Manor

02 June 2021

The client desired a landscape that would nestle their new south Mediterranean inspired house into the rugged landscape of Muriwai.

They wanted a space where they could reflect and admire, something that wasn't too drastic on the eye. Ensuring the landscape was designed with minimal use of retaining walls to create a more naturalistic effect, one where the house and gardens blend into the surrounding landscape.   

Project Details

Location: Muriwai

Project Type: Residential

Design: Natural Habitats

Build: Natural Habitats

Maintenance: Natural Habitats


20 acres of rugged, windswept hillside make up this stunning property in Muriwai on New Zealand's wild West Coast. Both house and garden were designed with the environment in mind, with the Mediterranian-inspired house constructed from mud brick and eco-friendly, untreated timbers. ⁣

The garden was designed to suit the environmental context; plants have been nestled into existing contours and the native coastal species were chosen for their ability to withstand this windy, salty climate with minimal intervention. ⁣

The infinity-edge pool, installed by Auckland Pools, has been designed to look as though it flows from the hillside spring while both pool and sunken spa are surrounded by a soft-coloured Paradise stone sourced from Whangarei. ⁣

The colour palette of both garden and building materials - including features such as the pumice gravel - were carefully selected to mesh with the overall aesthetic of the house and coastal environment. ⁣

How we maintain this landscape: 

  • Plant health checks
  • Plant supply and planting as needed
  • Plant nutrition (feeding, weeding and spraying)
  • Garden improvements and recommendations
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Specialist lawn care (spraying and fertilising)
  • Irrigation checks
  • Internal green wall maintenance

Let us take care of your property

Our qualified team of gardeners and landscapes can tend to your landscape as often as you like. 

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