Monte Cecila Park

18 August 2020

This 12.3ha Park which contains outstanding established grounds with notable trees, architecture and the historic Pah Homestead (a category A heritage building) is an important heritage landscape in Auckland’s urban fabric.

Location: Auckland

Date Completed: 2020

Project Type: Commercial Park Redevelopment

Developed design through to implementation of a heritage premiere park with walking trails, restorations of paths, terracing, steps, fencing, orchard, wetland area, native herbaceous shade garden and heritage shrub gardens.

Our teams were able to provide valuable horticultural expertise and played a key role in the development of a planting scheme.  They merged traditional shrubbery of original homestead with areas of native planting, thereby re establishing the cultural connections within the site, which contains a pre-European Maori site named Whataroa.

The project was seen to have a number of major difficulties from heritage to neighbours. From Auckland City Council’s detailed concept design, Natural Habitats expanded the developed and detailed designs. Natural Habitats’ landscape architects solved the many possible and actual objections throughout the design and construction stages.

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