Kathleen Kilgour Green Wall

15 August 2020

Location: Tauranga

Project Type: Indoor green wall

Client: Mark Fraundorfer, Kathleen Kilgour Centre

Design: Natural Habitats

Construction: Natural Habitats

The Kathleen Kilgour Centre is a private hospital in Tauranga Hospital grounds and is a world class radiation treatment facility for both public and privately-funded cancer patients in the Bay of Plenty.

Mark Fraundorfer, the Centre’s managing director and project head, said that the building is a real statement. One of Dr Fraundorfer’s favourite features is the fourteen-metre-high living green wall in the atrium which changes its appearance throughout the year and the plants contribute to the quality of the air within the centre.

It is seen as an integral part of the treatment by making the patient experience as comfortable as possible. Created by Natural Habitats, the Green Wall is an iconic backdrop to the reception area, which patients walk through to their consultation rooms.

Linking all three levels is a glass atrium that contains the living wall of plants - 70m² in size. It is fed by six irrigation zones and is highlighted by mega-lighting, which is important for the growth of this interior wall. The 3780 plants that make up the Green Wall are a mix of natives and exotic species to create a soothing, natural effect in the translucent panelled building.

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