Healthcare Park

22 May 2023

With an expansive property covering over 110 acres, the client appointed Natural Habitats to care for and maintain its vast landscape which includes:

  • Native revegetation
  • Internal (lightwell) gardens
  • Picnic areas
  • Lawns
  • Topiary 
  • General garden maintenance
Project Details

Location: Auckland

Project Type: Commercial Garden Maintenance

Design: Harrison Grierson

Build: Natural Habitats

Maintenance: Natural Habitats


Innovation, precision, people, health and wellbeing are at the heart of the client’s global business practice. Therefore, the design intent is to create a park-like landscape that reflects the client’s reputation while delivering to wellbeing outcomes for staff.

Comprising central areas of open space, water features, stormwater treatment ponds, internal garden atriums and outdoor relaxation areas the landscape design engages a full range of features to realise the client’s vision.

The overall landscape design moves also aim to conceal and reduce the apparent size of the buildings by settling forms into the land.

Given the scale of the site, a masterplan ensures continuity of gardens throughout the site, which are each designed to complement the building they are near to.

Sprawled across an expansive 110 acres, this pristine landscape is an eloquent rendition of a traditional park, complete with ponds, a water fountain, meandering garden pathways, beautiful boardwalks, pleasant picnic areas, exquisite internal gardens and a team of 5 full time gardeners to keep it picture perfect.

Commencing with the masterplan in 2001, the client had a vision for a landscape that would not only represent their company image, but also contribute to the wellbeing of their employees who work in large scale office and factory environments.

Maintaining a landscape of this size and complexity is ironically, no walk in the park. The dedicated maintenance team is relied upon to maintain every landscape aspect of this property. From garden care to tree management, lawn care to irrigation and pest management to garden improvement recommendations, this property is managed to the highest standards and strict timelines.


Let our maintenance team take care of your property. 

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