Garden of Mt Eden

20 February 2023

The client wanted to reconfigure the layout of their property to utilise space and create a more livable outdoor environment.

The existing pool ran parallel to the house with a distinct divide between indoor living, outdoor entertaining area and the rear lawn.  

Set in the historic area of Mt Eden, the natural characteristics of volcanic rock, basalt stone walls and a large, protected Totara were the key design drivers to the redesign

Project Details

Location: Auckland 

Project Type: Residential 

Design: Wiles Read 

Build: Natural Habitats


Building onto the existing design (some 15 years old), the design sought to spatially improve the relationship with the house and backyard by rotating the pool 45 degrees.  

This simple design move revitalised the connection between the indoors and outdoors, with views that extend from the living area, across an expansive lawn and down to the totara and historic basalt fence.  

The treatment along the eastern boundary was a challenge. An access path was required between pool and boundary fence, as well as a pool compliant fence and screening planting from the neighbouring property. 

A layered approach was taken to the tight boundary where strategic planting runs along the fence line, followed by an 800mm wide path, glass pool fence and further screening planting.  

Bright, leafy greens make up the planting palette creating dense natural privacy from the neighbouring property. Consisting of subtropical species and a non-invasive bamboo, these species will grow-in at pace, blurring the boundary with a beautiful lush screen.

Complete with a bespoke fireplace and lourve roof, the outdoor entertaining space is suitable year-round with warmth and shelter. 

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