Coatesville Retreat

07 June 2022

Set in the heart of the prestigious Coatesville community, this property is positioned in a gully and captures runoff from the surrounding landscape.

The clients required landscaping that would solve excessive drainage issues, which caused much of the gardens and lawns to be unusable for leisure and plants to thrive. The second key requirement for this project was to create a garden that would create a rustic-chic feel to the property, including pool and low-maintenance gardens. 

Project Details

Location: Auckland

Project Type: Residential

Design: Wiles Read in partnership with Natural Habitats

Construction: Natural Habitats


Designed with family in mind, this luxurious landscape adds new spaces for luxurious rural living within a tight-knit community.  

The clients required a garden that would amplify the sophisticated rustic feel of the home, while solving significant drainage issues.

The garden is conceived around a hydrological spine that flows from one corner of the property, along a boundary and down to a newly built storm water pond. With water as the central motif, the design also includes several small, yet continuous water features outside the main living area. Paradise stone fuses this motif with a swimming pool made complete with infinity edge giving the illusion of overflowing into the spine.  

The visual and functional impact of the spine (swale) is significant. The grounds now foster a variety of species which add bursts of seasonal colour immediately next to the home. The swale adds a biodiverse point of difference to the property, utilising native species that filter runoff and thrive in wet environments.

The garden features three distinct planting palettes including riparian, country colour and grandiose palms and shrubs, all which work together to enhance a rural paradise feeling and local biodiversity.

Upon arrival at the home, palms and leafy shrubs frame and enhance the grand front door. Walking around the house, or through to the main living area, bursts of colour from white hydrangeas and purple ice berry blossoms hug the architecture and anchor views to the surrounding landscape.

On the border of the property, swale planting stretches from the north-east to the south-west, creating a continual lush, textural view which adds interest to an otherwise simple paddock vista. The property is subject to flooding, so wet feet plants are essential in mitigating excess water.

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