Apartment Owners Dream

22 January 2020

Natural Habitats designed and built a revolutionary rooftop landscape for this private Auckland apartment.

The brief was to compliment the city and harbor views while adding to the foreground experience.

As avid entertainers, the owners also wanted to allow for comfortable hosting of up to 30 guests.

Location: Auckland

Date Completed: 2018

Project Type: Residential design & build 

Awards: For this project, Natural Habitats was proud to receive the following Landscapes of Distinction Awards:

Silver - Residential Landscape Horticulture
Silver - Residential Landscape Design
Silver - Residential Landscape Construction

Located at the top of an apartment building, the project did not come without its challenges.

The team faced difficult access with only a small internal lift and use of a crane for large materials.

The micro-climate was unusual for a residential setting – heavy exposure to wind and sun was a limiting factor when selecting materials and plants.

Despite the difficulties, it was never a matter of “if” but “how” for the team; solutions were carefully considered and seamlessly executed to ensure a safe install and lasting landscape.

It was rewarding to welcome innovative techniques and learnings which formed part of producing a landscape at such height.

The completed landscape includes a green wall, timber deck, raised gabion planters and a custom water feature. These structures are the backbone of the balcony, subtly framing specific areas of the view while providing maximum impact within the brief.

The green wall acts as a beautiful alternative to a typical apartment balustrade.  It is low in height to block the sight of the buildings below, while the natural green serenity adds a complimentary soft element to the surrounding city buildings.

Through clever design, an open, peaceful and tranquil outdoor landscape was created in an area on the fringe of New Zealand’s busiest city.

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