New recruits employed at the B:Hive

13 June 2022

We have been proudly maintaining the grounds at Smales Farm since its design in 2019. As part of the maintenance plan, our team cares for the lush indoor gardens within the B:Hive, which reside in a cool, calm climate-controlled environment.  

As part of the brief from the client, our Maintenance methods are to utilise organic pesticides and pest control methods. So, when common pests Scale and Mealy Bug presented themselves within the garden, the natural choice was to utilise their natural predator, Ladybugs.  

Working with Bioforce, they recommended two species to target both pests:  

  • Cryptolaemus montrouzieri - Mealybug Ladybird  
  • Enfoce – a Beneficial invertebrate which controls whitefly 

To create a natural lifecycle, we released larvae and adult Ladybugs. THe population will naturally sustain itself and fluctuate depending on the pest population size.  

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