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Natural Habitats Living Lounge

Natural Habitats Living Lounge


The Natural Habitats ‘Living Lounge’ is an outdoor garden room, featuring the structural elements of Green Walls, Green Screens and a Green Roof (EcoPillows).

1970s design elements are at the core of this outdoor living lounge.

Inspiration was drawn from the iconic ‘conversation pit’. The sunken lounging area forms the centre of this modernist garden, where people can relax and socialise. Right at the centre is the lava bowl featuring fire on water and glowing rocks.

Other retrospective design elements such as funky fabrics and shag pile are evoked by the textured living wall using 4000 plants, predominantly Carex grasses and tussocks. The hedging is constructed with Corokia and the Green Beams with Hedrara Canarensis. The pergola structure is the unusual combination of layered stacked timber collars supporting a radial lattice roof and beam of Ivy.

Key points to note:

  • The levitating columns constructed of stacked collars support the living beam laced with ivy, which creeps across the radial lattice roof

Mark Read’s experience extends across a wide range of landscape design projects including residential, commercial, public open space, resorts, water features, streetscape, educational landscapes, retirement villages and subdivision developments. Examples of his work can be found in a number of international design publications and he has been responsible for the design of more than 35 award winning entries in New Zealand’s national LNZ awards.

Throughout Mark’s 28 years with Natural Habitats, his underling strengths are in producing innovative, creative design solutions with a strong environmental focus and a keen attention to detail.

Natural Habitats’ Green Wall and Roofs are at the leading edge of contemporary landscape design and green build solutions. They are a lightweight, automated system where irrigation is built into the panel. Green Walls and Green Roofs will play an important role to the future sustainability of our urban environment.

For more information about our Green Walls and Green Roofs please contact Pete de Jager at Natural Habitats on 0508 HABITATS or check out www.naturalhabitats.co.nz.