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Brendon Reardon

Brendon Reardon

Auckland Housing Division Manager

With a focus on high standards, Brendon’s role includes quantifying, pricing, procurement, plant programming, invoicing and financial reporting, as well as quality control.

Starting his career in the bricklaying trade when he left school, Brendon further developed his bricklaying skills becoming a master brick layer while on his OE to Great Britain and Europe. While in Europe, he became interested in the variety of work landscaping offers.

Returning to New Zealand, Brendon joined the landscaping industry as a foreman and over the next 15 years progressed to being a supervisor and project manager on high-end residential landscape projects.

With a comprehensive understanding of the building industry from the first brick laid to the final laying of lawn turf, Brendon is exemplary in understanding and fulfilling the needs of our housing clients.


Email: info@naturalhabitats.co.nz

Phone: 0508 422 482