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Meet the locals – Penguin Point At Wellington Zoo

Meet the locals – Penguin Point At Wellington Zoo

Penguin Point at Wellington Zoo

Meet the Locals He Tuku Aroha is Wellington Zoo’s love story to New Zealand. Penguin Point features four rescued Kororā Little Blue Penguins at home in a Wellington coastline-like environment complete with rocky water ways and even boat sheds and boats! Designed by Studio Hanson Roberts, Wellington Zoo and Isthmus, Penguin Point was constructed by Hawkins Infrastructure who contracted Natural Habitats’ Wellington team to handle the landscaping. Penquin Point opened to the public in late 2015.

The little Kororā and Zoo visitors alike have taken to the new habitat says the Zoo. “Our visitors love the new habitat and enjoy exploring the new space – seeing the animals from a whole new perspective and engaging with the interactive design. We’ve had great feedback about the open, flowing nature of the whole walk-through experience providing great learning opportunities for the whole family.”

Photo courtesy of David St George, Wellington Zoo.