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Kopupaka Park wins international award

Kopupaka Park wins international award

From among ten finalists from around the globe, Kopupaka Park has been selected as World Landscape of the Year 2016 by the jury at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin.

Big congrats for this international award winning project to Isthmus Group who designed the Park and all the partner companies who worked on this project (including Natural Habitats who handled planting, soft landscaping and maintenance).

Kopupaka Park is a 22-hectare landscape made up of five storm water wetlands. Isthmus’ designers added a series of timber structures around the edges of three ponds, creating forms that weave their way across the landscape. These provide reed-bed filters, a skate park and planting areas.

The Judges described the project as a successful translation of regional Maori traditions.

“Inspired by woven baskets for catching eel, Isthmus has developed an innovative river-wall system of interlocking timbers,” they said.

“Simple yet sophisticated engineering allows the baskets to retain silt and create habitats which will shift and change over time.”