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Grind to Ground at Botany Town Centre

Grind to Ground at Botany Town Centre


Natural Habitats are converting coffee grind into fertilizer at Botany Town Centre, assisting with the centres aim to reduce its general waste by ten tonnes a year.

For the last few months, coffee retailers at Botany Town Centre have bound together to take part in a centre-wide ‘Grind to Ground’ initiative, which involves coffee retailers separating coffee grind from the rest of their waste, taking it to dedicated ‘Grind to Ground’ bins provided by Reclaim and stationed throughout the centre.

Natural Habitats then collect the coffee grind and put it through a carbon-rich composting process, which balances the pH levels. The final product will then be distributed around the green gardens by Natural Habitats to aide in the centre’s plant growth.

The coffee retailers combined are filling four 240 litre bins per week, which is approximately 720 kilograms of coffee grind, which would otherwise be landfill waste.

“Obviously Kiwis are big coffee consumers and this is a way we can channel our behaviour and turn it into something effective that not only benefits our surrounding environment, but involves the wider community,” says Brian Spencer, Natural Habitats General Manager.

We landscaped Botany Town Centre 14 years ago and has been caring for the gardens ever since. Subsequently, six years on they also designed Botany Garden Lane, a vibrant, fun children’s play area.