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Green is the new Gold

Green is the new Gold

Downtown Wellington jewellery outlet, The Village Goldsmith, is turning green into gold with an impressive five metre high by three metre wide green wall. Highly visible through the entrance doors, the green wall is attracting a huge amount of attention and foot traffic from the day the renovated and expanded store opened late last year, says The Village Goldsmith’s founder, Ian Douglas.

“The response has been fantastic – it literally stops people in their tracks,” says Ian. “We’ve had people deviate from their journeys on the other side of the road, just to come in and look at it. Almost without exception, people comment on how much they love it, and it’s one of their favourite aspects of our new fit-out. In terms of advertising, it’s better than a flashing neon sign!”

Ian was inspired to turn the rear wall of his outlet into a green wall having seen a similar wall in a new hotel in Hong Kong a few years ago, and it left a lasting impression. Knowing he was planning a complete rebuild of our store in the future, he decided to incorporate one in to our new design.

“Natural Habitats had installed one in the entrance to Civic Square near our store, which looked great, so it was a logical conclusion to get in touch. A visit to the website confirmed that the company had the experience to achieve what we wanted.”

Natural Habitats green wall expert Sam Dixon installed the greenwall over two days in time for the store’s opening.

“We selected a range of plants to accentuate the gold and copper colour elements of the store such as purple and green pepperomias, as well as heuchera marmalade and lime marmalade,” says Sam. “With peace lillies as a border and scattered through the wall, the overall effect is a lovely blend enhancing the store’s colour scheme.”

Adjacent to the green wall is a mirror made from the largest piece of plate glass available in New Zealand. Recognised as an award-winning designer of custom jewellery, it’s no wonder that the mirror sits in a copper frame designed and handcrafted by Ian. The impressive mirror helps to double the impact of an already impressive green wall!

“We have people coming in to the store, just to see it and to find out if it’s real,” explains Ian. “They’re obviously then in the gallery, and then often just browse around the showcases, which exposes them to our brand. It’s achieved exactly the purpose we had in mind, plus provided a healthy new addition to our environment, with the added benefit of just looking great.”