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Going the extra mile pays off

Going the extra mile pays off

There’s rush jobs and there’s rush jobs – and this one tops the list for our Care division manager, Mike MacDonald!

Charlotte Lockhart and partner and Andrew Barnes called Natural Habitats in mid-December last year for an urgent rooftop garden because of an inaugural business function at the couple’s penthouse in downtown Auckland. 

The Lockharts were looking for 15 large concrete plaster cast  planters, more than 100 bags of 40L potting mix,  plus plants and an irrigation system – all to be installed by December 20!

Of course, Mike said “Yes, we can meet the deadline”!

With the mad Christmas shopping rush on – “It was easier said than done at this time of the year,” says Mike.

Mike pulled a team together and decided on early 5.30 am starts for two days to beat the traffic and access to the 11th floor penthouse. The team completed the planting on time and then our irrigation expert Adam Wright installed the irrigation. All done by December 20 and looking great – whew! And what was the client reaction?

“We received a big thank you from Charlotte and Andrew,” says Mike.  “And in the near future they are going to be redesigning the entire 100m2 rooftop  area with an outdoor kitchen and garden and Natural Habitats would be chosen for this project.” Go Mike!