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Electric Power tools keep the peace

Electric Power tools keep the peace

We’ve started to phase in using Stihl electric power tools on a number of our sites where appropriate and it’s receiving a great reaction from our clients. Apart from being better for the environment, the electric tools are far quieter meaning they don’t disturb staff when we’re trimming hedges outside meeting rooms or offices. We’re looking to phase in more electric tools in coming months. And our clients certainly like the change! At the Fisher and Paykel Healthcare headquarters in Mt Wellington, our garden care team leader Luke McMeekin received the following thanks from the client.

 Morning Luke,

Our team would like to pass on some good feedback re. the great work you and the team are doing. It’s great to see that you guys are going above and beyond with the use of battery powered trimmers.

As discussed, we’d like to write an internal article sharing how Natural Habitats are using battery powered kit where ever possible. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare takes Sustainability seriously, and it’s great to see you and the team doing your bit.

Kind regards,

 Nic Bishop | Sustainability Manager

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare