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Creating a buzz – Garden care teams go electric!

Creating a buzz – Garden care teams go electric!

Care Team Leader Chris Bean is switched on – to the benefits of electric tools. He’s taken the initiative to trial the installation of solar panels on the lid of his vehicle’s tool box to trickle re-charge their batteries while he’s doing his rounds.

The use of electric tools has been getting such great feedback from our clients that there was a real need to be able to charge batteries during the day, says Chris.

“With electric tools I can start work at 7am with virtually no noise,” says Chris. “They are great for our residential as well as retirement village clients like Ryman and Summerset who appreciate how quiet they are compared to two-stroke engines.”

The only problem is battery charge – typically a battery lasts around 30 to 40 minutes depending on conditions such as wet, long grass for mowers – which drains their power more quickly.

“Apart from the noise factor, the other benefit for going electric is the saving on fuel and the carburettor maintenance costs for the tools, less noise and fume pollution as well as there is no need to wear ear muffs,” explains Chris. “On larger commercial sites, you would still need to use the Stihl tools with the larger battery back pack or revert to two-stroke powered tools.”

Natural Habitats is currently using Stihl electric tools and has also had some Makita electric tools on trial.

“Makita has been trialling the tools with us and has already sent our valuable feedback to Japan for improvements,” says Chris

Following the trial, Natural Habitats is taking delivery of a range Makita tools which have a battery life of five years.

“Our company is called Natural Habitats – so what is more natural than to use the sun as a power source!” says Chris.