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Chris Bean turns 15!

Chris Bean turns 15!

Well he may like to turn 15 again, but in reality Chris has reached 15 years with Natural Habitats!

He started with us as a Care Team Leader in 2003 – and he’s still doing that today and loving it because he loves being a gardener – and has been for 47 years!

Chris originally trained as a gardener for an Elizabethan period garden back in England – and back then everything was trimmed, mowed and swept by hand – there weren’t any tools like weed eaters!

Having a work ethic that sets a high standard for all of us, Chris looks after many of our high-end residential gardens from Whitford to Parnell. The friendliness of the staff is one of the reasons why he has stayed with the company Chris says.

“There’s a really good rapport in the company and I always look forward to going to work,” Chris says.

“I always try to share my knowledge and share my advice – with the team I work with as well as our clients.”

Chris also says a lot has changed in the last 15 years – and not just the equipment. Chris is now a strong supporter of the company leading the field in using electric tools.

“In many areas in America, two-stroke engine tools are banned – they are noisy and a source of pollution. We have to have care and pride in what we do, as there is far more competition out there compared to when I started. Being the best is how we stay ahead – and using electric tools is one way to show we are leaders.”