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Bike Stands for Sustainability

Bike Stands for Sustainability


Natural Habitats Graduate Landscape Architect, Thomas Keal, is now seeing his winning design come to fruition.

The bike stand design showed how 10 bicycles can easily be accommodated in one car parking space, highlighting the inefficiency of the car, particularly in the case of single person use.

These bike stands have actually been adopted into the Unitec campus with 10 already installed.

The practical considerations of the design were:

  • Bikes must be visible
  • Property secured without causing damage
  • Accommodate different types of bikes
  • Provide shelter from the weather and provide night illumination

“The intention of the design was not to produce an object that existed in isolation, but rather to create a structure in the context of issues surrounding transport and land use” said Thomas.

The structure was designed to be modular. It can be linked together end on end, or facing toward each other to occupy adjacent car parks.