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ASB North Wharf


ASB North Wharf


  • How Green Infrastructure can assist in a buildings Green Star Rating
  • Green Screens are a cost effective option, covering a large area quickly
  •  Natural Habitats are capable of installing large structural green screens: 50m wide x 7m tall expanse
Supreme award winning ASB North Wharf features two green screens designed by Jasmax, installed by Natural Habitats to soften large concrete surfaces outside.
The Green Screens were installed in 2012 are maturing under Natural Habitats care.


“We were very pleased to work with Natural Habitats once again on the exciting ASB North Wharf project. Their approach is always “What Is In The Best Interest Of This Project,” a philosophy that resonates well with the Fletcher view. They design to meet the Project Budget and then follow through with a quality install. They provide the necessary ongoing maintenance, as they are focused on the long term result of their landscaping contributions.”
Alan Gray, Project Director , Fletcher Construction CO