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Are the Aussies Ahead?

Are the Aussies Ahead?


The perennial question for us Kiwis is: Are the Aussies ahead ? And in the development of green buildings the answer is yes and whipping our butts !!

This project in Sydney is well on its way to being finished. The two towers which form the Central Park development is a joint venture between Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia and will house 623 apartments.

The protrusion shown is a heliostat – basically a giant mirror used to reflect sunlight in a fixed direction. In this case – the area of the building usually in the shade. The 110 tonne frame has just been craned into position on the 29th floor also supports a “sky garden” which complements the rest of the building facade designed by green wall early mover Patric Blanc of France. Greenwalls also cover the building facades and while Green Wall Pty ( inventor of Natural Habitats greenwall system ) currently holds the record for the tallest greenwall at 28 stories, Central Park will sneak ahead by a floor. We intend to catch up quickly !!

Australia and Singapore have really set the standard of green buildings, we need to use them as both an inspiration to catch up and a benchmark for our own development!!